To showcase the best of Indian dance, music, theatre, puppetry and the folk arts, the Council empanels performing artistes proficient in their respective fields to be placed on reference lists. Artistes from these lists may be considered for being sponsored abroad by the Council for cultural performances.
The webpage, Forms and Styles for Empanelment, lists the various classical dance styles of India, classical music - vocal and instrumental - in the Hindustani and Carnatic styles, folk dances and music of various Indian states, theatre, puppetry and modern experimental works in dance and music. Performing artistes who wish to be empanelled may apply to the Council, following the simple procedure laid down. Also please note that the empanelment of artistes is an ongoing process.
Expert Sub-committees for the various art forms, listed above, are appointed, consisting of eminent gurus and practitioners of these forms, experts and scholars. These committees are convened as and when required depending on the number of applications received by the Council. Decisions of the Empanelment Committees era final, and applicants are informed accordingly. Artistes are placed in one of the categories --- Proficient, Established or Outstanding --- based on their merit.
Application Forms can be submitted at anytime. Please go through the Guidelines before filling in the forms.
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Click Here for the List of Empanelled Artistes

For more details contact:
Empanelment & AVR Section
Indian Council for Cultural Relations
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